65” Freestanding Non-Touch Kiosk

Product Code: LC65SB2
65” Freestanding Non-Touch Kiosk

65” Freestanding Non-Touch Kiosk with Brightsign, NoviSign, Windows, or Android built-in. COMPLETE kiosk, media and content solution.

Introducing the highly sought-after 65-inch Freestanding Non-Touch Kiosk, the go-to LCD digital display solution for retail businesses. Renowned for its popularity and versatility, this kiosk has become a staple choice for retailers looking to make a lasting impact on their customers. With its impressive size and vibrant display, this kiosk commands attention and provides an engaging platform for showcasing promotional content, advertisements, and product information.

Designed with convenience in mind, this freestanding kiosk features casters on the base of the unit, allowing for easy mobility and placement in any desired location. Whether you want to attract attention near the entrance, highlight specific product displays, or cater to different store layouts, the casters enable effortless movement of the kiosk. This flexibility ensures that you can optimize customer engagement by strategically positioning the kiosk for maximum impact, creating a captivating and immersive retail experience that leaves a lasting impression.

The 65-inch Freestanding Non-Touch Kiosk is the perfect display solution for retailers seeking a powerful tool to engage customers and drive sales. With its impressive size, easy maneuverability, and stunning visual capabilities, this kiosk offers a dynamic platform for delivering impactful content and capturing the attention of shoppers. Experience the power of this popular LCD digital display, and elevate your retail business to new heights.

LCD Size 65”
Light Source LED backlight
Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
Brightness 500cd/m2
Contrast 1200:1
Response 10ms
Pixel pitch 0.37(H) x 0.37(V) mm
Refresh rate 60Hz
Viewing angle 178°(H) x 178°(V)
Color saturation 72%
Viewable area 1428.5 (H) x 803.5 (V) mm
Chromaticness 1.07 Billion
Power Supply
Voltage 100V ~ 240V, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption <310W
Operating temperature 0~40°C
Storage temperature -10~60°C
Operating humidity 20~80% RH Non-condensing
Storage humidity 10~60% RH Non-condensing
Maximum operating 18 hours/day
I/O interfaces
Ethernet (RJ45) 1
3.5mm headphone N/A
WiFi 1
Type-C OTG N/A
Net weight No touch: 87kgs
Gross weight No touch: 105kgs
Unit dims. (WxDxH) No touch: 950 x 110 x 1690mm
Package dims. (WxDxH) No touch: 1790 x 270 x 1050mm
Shell material Aluminum profile/sheet metal
Shell color Black/white