Save Time with our General/Tech FAQ

Digital signage is innovative and highly technical, yet easy to use. Even though a digital display is easier to use than you might expect, that doesn’t stop technical issues from occasionally cropping up. Of course, you can always email or call us with your questions, but we thought putting together a quick FAQ would be beneficial to you. This post will cover our most common questions with easy-to-follow answers!


Question: What is digital signage?

Answer: Digital signs are typically LCD with LED backlit panels that display content like images or video. It also usually streams media or information, all in a manner that attracts attention. The content is controlled by a media player and software, which allows the user to make updates or change the content as frequently as needed.


Question: How do I display content?

Answer: You may choose to invest in a sign with a built-in media player, or find one separately. BrightSign built-in media players and Bright Author software combined with our line of commercial touch or non touch displays provides market leading digital signage right out the box!  Elegant, ready to use, and affordable, our integrated line was created to make your adoption of digital signage easy. Request any of our digital signs with the media player already inside. Of course you can always purchase a media player separate, but a built-in player will save you a lot of time.


Question:  Where can digital signage be used?

Answer:  The beauty of digital signage is that it can be used across nearly any industry! It has many applications including health care, education, retail, hospitality, restaurants, and much more. Digital signs are not only an excellent way to communicate with existing and potential customers, but have become essential in a technology driven world.


Question: How long will my digital sign last?

Answer: Digital sign usage may vary depending on how frequently it is used. Digital signs are built on longevity and can log approximately 50,000 plus hours.  


Question: My sign turns back on after I turn it off using the remote control. What’s wrong?

Answer: There is actually nothing wrong at all, as this is how your display is designed. The factory preset is for the sign to always be on, so the digital sign is controlled by a timer in the unit. Use the setup menu on your display to change this.

To do this, stop presentations that are currently running by pressing the stop button on the remote. This button has a square on it, similar to a DVD remote. This will take you to the startup screen. Now use the setup button on the remote to enter the main menu. Choose the “Date & Time” option from this menu. Keep in mind the clock is set to 24 hour military time. Once you’re sure the date and time are set, exit this menu and return to the main menu. Now you can set a timer. Choose “On/Off Timer” from the main menu. You can choose weekly, which is one setting for all seven days, or daily, which is a different timer for each day of the week. You’ll want to choose the On/Off control mode to be set to “Timer On/Off”. Once you set the timer, be sure to press the “Save/Activate New Date” option before returning to the menu for other days, or before exiting to the main menu.


Question: The AdPlayListEditor software displays an error. It installed correctly, so why do I get an error while running it?

Answer: This can occur on Windows 7 computers. To correct this, right click on the icon and select “Run as administrator”.


Question: I have a question about BrightSign.

Answer: Don’t worry! BrightSign has incredibly detailed technical support. Simply follow this link to search BrightSign’s FAQ.


We hope this post has been able to answer some of your questions. If you’re still having issues please feel free to give us a call at 800-444-0305 and we’ll be happy to help!